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Since we spend a lot of our time indoors, air quality is a major concern especially in winter. For those who have a forced-air heating system or an air exchanger, this quality includes, among other things, the cleaning of the ductwork.

Why is it necessary to clean the ventilation ducts?

High temperature and humidity conditions promote the growth of mold, micro-organisms and pests.The use of our ventilation ducts cleaning system makes it easy to get rid of dust.



Disturbances that may be caused by dust : 

  • a harmful impact on health
  • itching and breathing problems
  • disturbances in the operation of the appliances
  • an increased risk of fire inside the ventilation circuits


Spore of mold▲Spores 



Lint buildup can be dangerous and can lead to loss of money, broken appliances and even fires.

Consider these warning signs of lint

  • Clothes are longer to dry
  • The clothes are not completely dry
  • Clothes are warmer than normal at the end of the drying cycle
  • The outside of the dryer becomes very hot
  • The laundry room becomes wetter than usual
  • The exhaust vent (flap) does not open much, indicating a reduced speed of the air flow.

These are just a few well-known symptoms and recognizing them could protect you and your family from the dangers of a fire.



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